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Trum pDemosImpeachment or dictatorship? This is where we are as a country at this moment in our history. When the executive branch refuses to comply with the law and disses the legislative branch we’re in deep trouble. If Trump and his people refuses to obey the law why should the average person have to comply? We’re in another long national nightmare if you’re that ignorant not to see what’s really going on you’ll soon find out and it won’t be pretty.

I'm Clean The entire situation makes me sick. Impeachment or the ballot box. He he has to go. I don’t care what his 30% support thinks they should keep their ignorance to themselves.

Mueller results2The landingTrump vs McCain againWhat a week.Questions still linger.

RemovedGOP Be Nice The confederate monument in downtown Winston-Salem was removed by the city this week. It will be placed in storage before being moved to a local cemetery where confederate war dead are buried. Sounds like a good idea to me.
The controversial N.C. 9th congressional district new election will have a whopping 10 Republicans running in the primary in May primary. Party leaders are calling for civil debate among the candidates, we’ll see.

Distrubing2Not a racist2President Trum Trump and the GOP’s crazy weekend at CPAC and Not a racist?