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SummerTrump PollingRussia It’s really been hot lately and Trump gets ready for 2020.


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Fritz Hollings RIPFritz cartoonRegional Toon: Ernest “Fritz” Hollings, former Lt. Governor, Governor and U.S, Senator (Dem. S.C.), passed away over the weekend. He also ran for president in 1984. He had a great sense of humor. During my time in South Carolina I got a chance to see him twice: once at The Hampton County Watermelon Festival (that’s another story) and at my late father-in-law’s funeral. I searched my archives to see if I drew any cartoons of him. I came across one that I drew for the defunct Columbia Record. It was on the split between him and Sen. Storm Thurmond over Iran-Contra.

Mueller results2The landingTrump vs McCain againWhat a week.Questions still linger.

RemovedGOP Be Nice The confederate monument in downtown Winston-Salem was removed by the city this week. It will be placed in storage before being moved to a local cemetery where confederate war dead are buried. Sounds like a good idea to me.
The controversial N.C. 9th congressional district new election will have a whopping 10 Republicans running in the primary in May primary. Party leaders are calling for civil debate among the candidates, we’ll see.

Distrubing2Not a racist2President Trum Trump and the GOP’s crazy weekend at CPAC and Not a racist?