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RemovedGOP Be Nice The confederate monument in downtown Winston-Salem was removed by the city this week. It will be placed in storage before being moved to a local cemetery where confederate war dead are buried. Sounds like a good idea to me.
The controversial N.C. 9th congressional district new election will have a whopping 10 Republicans running in the primary in May primary. Party leaders are calling for civil debate among the candidates, we’ll see.


RIP Stan LeeNew Sheriff in town Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee passes away and here in Forsyth County Bobby Kimbrough made history by becoming the first African-American to be elected sheriff.

Adams vs FoxxNC Flood Local and state topics. The 5th district congressional race here is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. No debate or exchanges between the candidates no news generated by either candidate it’s hard to Know if a race is even going on voters deserve better. Flooding has been a tough situation in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.


Go HomeVoter ID again Trump’s treatment of migrant children is really outrageous. The N.C. GOP is pushing to have voter ID as part
of the state constitution,go figure.

GOP Gerrymanderer I expect The courts will have to redraw the new maps for N.C, state legislative districts. Just a hunch.

NC Bigfoot
RRToon: Carolina Bigfoot? What a week. First a GOP leader blames Democrats for murder…/gop-chief-blasted-dems-murder…/ Here is the best story, Bigfoot is sighted here in NC.