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Vegas Massacre


NC Bigfoot
RRToon: Carolina Bigfoot? What a week. First a GOP leader blames Democrats for murder…/gop-chief-blasted-dems-murder…/ Here is the best story, Bigfoot is sighted here in NC.

Hes back

Ben Carson Slave Comments 2

Dr. Ben Carson on African Slaves coming to America, uh, immigrants?

Trump McCrory
Chronicle Cartoon :Donald Trump made a campaign stop here in W-S on Tuesday. The Governor had kept and distance from Trump during earler visits. This time he was on stage at the W-S event. With the effects of HB2 still mounting he has to deal with a close race and the federal court decision to strike down the worst Voter ID law in the nation saying it was aimed at blacks.Gov. McCrory moves to the Trump dark side.

The GreatestSC Demo sketchbook1SC Demo sketchbook2

The Greatest! Muhammad Ali. It’s taken me a while to post these sketches from The South Carolina Democratic Party Convention in Columbia, S.C. I attended as a guest. It was really an interesting event. I’ve always wanted to attend one of these state conventions. Thanks to my Buddy Mel Hart for inviting me.

Go Panthers