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Trump and Santa


Election ResultsChristmas Thanksgiving The Blue Wave wacks Trump and the GOP, also Christmas seems to overshadow Thanksgiving more and more each year.

The problem

Nuke The situation with this president and his white house has tipped this country into the abyss.

John McCain At the UNITY: Journalists of Color convention in Seattle, Washington, in 1999, I attended events featuring candidates for president that would run in 2000. Sen. John McCain was one of them. He asked to attend after candidate George W. Bush balked at attending. After much criticism, Bush sneaked in on a freight elevator, walked around and got his photo taken as if he really attended. That bit of news got out ASAP. Senator McCain asked if he could come, and he did. I have to say that after observing him, I walked away really liking the guy. Yes, I did not agree with a lot of his positions, but I still I liked him. The way he ran for president against Barack Obama; it was a tough campaign, but Senator McCain refused to go down the dark path. He voted down the GOP plan to kill Obamacare, knowing it would hurt people. What makes his passing so sad is our country needs his voice now more than ever because of the silence from his party. R.I.P.


Trump Presidency Aug 2018 Things got worse this week for Trump.