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Don't matter

RIP Adam West I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Adam “Batman” West, age 88. I recall as a kid looking at him on TV twice a week. I started reading the comic books and became a big Batman fan. I’m still a fan and I still have those comic books from the 1960s to this day. I plan to meet one of the artists who worked on those books in Charlotte later this upcoming week. A lot has been said about how campy the show was. Of course, it’s not like the recent Batman movies. So what? I know it was a show that an 11-year-old kid really enjoyed and it was part of my childhood. That’s where my sense of loss comes in. Oh yeah, it was one fun show!

Trump Bannon Effect Rise in racial incidents across the country.

Trump and he world

State of mind Just like his boss. Ben Carson blabs out 100% ignorance every time he opens his mouth.

Pigs Fly RRToon: When Pigs Fly. U.S. Supreme Courts Strikes down N.C, GOP drawn congressional districts racially drawn. Get this Justice Clarence Thomas voted with the majority talk about a surprise!

To Russia with Love