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Trum pDemosImpeachment or dictatorship? This is where we are as a country at this moment in our history. When the executive branch refuses to comply with the law and disses the legislative branch we’re in deep trouble. If Trump and his people refuses to obey the law why should the average person have to comply? We’re in another long national nightmare if you’re that ignorant not to see what’s really going on you’ll soon find out and it won’t be pretty.

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Warning from Obama2 Obama warns democrats not to become a circular firing squad in 2020.

Fritz Hollings RIPFritz cartoonRegional Toon: Ernest “Fritz” Hollings, former Lt. Governor, Governor and U.S, Senator (Dem. S.C.), passed away over the weekend. He also ran for president in 1984. He had a great sense of humor. During my time in South Carolina I got a chance to see him twice: once at The Hampton County Watermelon Festival (that’s another story) and at my late father-in-law’s funeral. I searched my archives to see if I drew any cartoons of him. I came across one that I drew for the defunct Columbia Record. It was on the split between him and Sen. Storm Thurmond over Iran-Contra.