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Awe in the sky in S.C.: A few weeks ago, I got the chance to see the Space Station as it streaked across the night sky. For just a few moments, I was able to forget personal and world troubles and experience a second or two of peace.

GOP Senate?: Recent polls have given the edge to Republicans to take back the U.S Senate in the fall midterm elections. Although that is still a little ways off, my advice to the GOP: Don’t start looking for extra office space yet.

Soul food rescue:
A group of black restaurant owners in the Charleston, S.C., area is launching an effort to help small soul food restaurants survive. You know, the small stand-alone places with names like Mama’s Place and Hot Sauce Palace, the small stand-alone buildings with limited seating or no seating at all. These places cook the old-fashioned food like greens, fried chicken, barbecue, sweet potato pie … whew! Now that’s a tradition that must be preserved. Uh, pass the cornbread please.