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In his head The success of the Obama administration and because he’s black continues to drive Trump crazy. No doubt he has serious racism issues


Carolina Panthers SC2Fill this space2The State of South Carolina is wooing The Carolina Panthers to move its corporate offices and training facilities from Charlotte NC to the Palmetto state.
Who can fill this space? The democrats have plenty of candidates vying for the 2020 nod. The question is who can fill the Obama space.

The problem

Hurricane FlorenceObama hits back Hurricane Florence whacks North and South Carolina. Obama strikes back at Trump.

In his head Former President Obama and Robert Mueller two people who Trump can’t seem to go through a day without taking a shot at.
No doubt these two are inside his head and it’s driving him crazy.

Black jobless rate Trump is taking credit for the low black unemployment rate, Ha!

Obama Jury duty Former President Obama has been selected to be in the jury pool in Chicago.