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Here are a few hurricane related toons from the past while we wait for Hurricane Irma to pass by Winston-Salem over the next few days. The cartoons originally ran in The South Bend Tribune.



Trump Presidency
The Trump presidency continues to plunge the country into chaos. How long can this go on? It’s him or the country. What side are you on?

Best Worse

Other Hurricane


I am sorry to hear about the News-Sentinel moving from print to digital format starting in October. I worked for the NS in 1998 and 1999. I was brought on as a Knight -Ridder Manger trainee. It was a unique position because I was allowed to experiment with ideas concerning graphics design and illustrations. My experiment on the editorial page That was the week that was with editorial page editor Leo Morris landed me a position with the Philadelphia Daily News (Now that’s another story…ha-ha!). The concept was also used in South Bend to help boost the Sunday paper. I had fun. Working with people like Eunice Trotter, Projects editor, Carolyn DiPaolo, Managing Editor, April Lass, Designer, Leo Morris, editorial page editor and many others. I’m including some of work from the NS and story link below.