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Dem Leadership
RRToon: At the moment it seems like Democrats are weak on the national and state level. In the south it’s really bad. Virginia seems to be a bright spot. S.C. does not empress me that much and in Alabama is there still a democratic party? The other bright spot is that people are talking a stand voicing their opinions, that’s where the real leadership is coming from right now.


The GreatestSC Demo sketchbook1SC Demo sketchbook2

The Greatest! Muhammad Ali. It’s taken me a while to post these sketches from The South Carolina Democratic Party Convention in Columbia, S.C. I attended as a guest. It was really an interesting event. I’ve always wanted to attend one of these state conventions. Thanks to my Buddy Mel Hart for inviting me.

Histroic Black Colleges

Biden comes to Columbia

Take down that flag education candidates

Campaign Money Race