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RRToon, N.C. Politics: Roy Cooper holds a lead in the Governor’s race, Trump and Sen. Burr both won on Tuesday. It looks like HB2 has cost the GOP the Governor’s mansion.


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Earth vs NC

Along with strong opposition from across the country and around the world. Gov. MCrory and the N.C. legislature continue to hold firm on HB2. This week Attorney General Lynch came out strong against the bill passed in her home state. The problem is that the GOP has strong support for the Bill caving in and repealing HB2 is not an attractive option especially in an election year.


RR Toons: R.I. P. Prince. I got the chance to see him perform twice in the early 1980s The first time he was the opening act for Rick James and stole the show. He really electrified the audience at The Richmond Coliseum. Governor McCrory stands his ground in his defense of HB 2 and it’s restroom provision.


This Week’s Chronicle Cartoon: N.C.Legislature’s HB2 was a Trojan horse to attack democracy state wide with other restrictions. There is more at risk than bathroom access folks.