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Mueller catch Robert Mueller shocks Washington with indictments against three
former Trump campaign aides.

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While watching television recently, I saw a group of millennials being interviewed about whom they would vote for in the upcoming election. Some said Hillary Clinton, others said Donald Trump, others said they would vote for an independent candidate.
What bugged me was one guy who said, “I’m not voting” with a laugh and a look on his face that showed to me arrogance. OK, smart guy, Clinton or Trump could determine what affects your life, job, whatever you do. They can mess with your world.
The statement took me back 40 years ago on Election Day in 1976 and my late grandmother, Fannie B. Rogers. She was a well-informed individual. She read newspapers, books, the works.
She lived in an era when segregation ruled and poll taxes was the law in Virginia. My grandmother was a domestic worker. She was proud and God-fearing. In the fall of 1976, she was battling cancer.
During that time, I was working at my first newspaper job as a copy-runner for The Richmond News Leader. For me it was an exciting job, to see how putting out a newspaper really worked.
On Election Day 1976, I voted and then went over to see my grandmother. At the time she was bedridden and could not walk. She told me she wanted to vote. Along with other family members, we took her to the polls, where she voted.
Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford battled through the night, with Carter squeaking out a narrow win.
My grandmother’s condition continued to become worse.She passed away on Jan. 19, 1977, a daybefore Carter was sworn in as president.
If my dying grandmother could get out of her sick bed and cast a vote, why can’t that young man vote?
What’s really your excuse, millennials?