Sketches 8 final


Summer, I hardly knew ye: While driving to church last Sunday, I passed a field full of hay harvested in round bundles ready to go.
The bales of hay were surrounded by green and brown grass, sloping hills, trees with green leaves that shimmered from the bright sunlight that cast shadows across the field and bales of hay. This scene was against a blue sky with white clouds displaying creative patterns. It was a beautiful sight to see, reminding me that summer is ending and fall is just around the corner.

Drone delivery fails: We recently learned that somebody tried to use a drone to deliver illegal items to a S.C. prison. However, the venture failed when the drone along with its contents crashed in a field not far from the prison. Authorities found drugs, cell phones and other items at the crash site. You have to admit even criminals are trying to keep up with technology.

Don’t mess with Texas: The USC Gamecocks got roped and tied in their first game of the season by Texas A&M. This whipping really threw the Gamecock nation off guard. Saturday, USC came back by beating East Carolina by 10 points.