Sketches5july 4 toonKA-BOOM: Fireworks stands started popping up a few weeks ago here in the Columbia area. They seem to be everywhere. I have seen stands located at gas stations right across from each other, among other places. One thing I can say: If you like fireworks around here, they’re not hard to find. Happy 4th to all!

Unity: Gov. Haley had a unity breakfast with all of the GOP candidates from the primary and runoff elections. They are going to need it. A recent poll shows the governor’s lead shrinking for the fall election over Democrat Vincent Sheheen.

Sweet heavenly sounds: Last week, I attended a
church revival at a small rural South Carolina
church. The singing was great from all of the choirs that attended. The men’s choir sang old-time gospel favorites I heard when I was a child. The preacher’s message was also right on time. Not a bad way to spend an evening on a hot summer night.