Tweet me a plate of barbecue with slaw and fries.
The S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is using social media and other vehicles to help promote S.C. barbecue.  Customers are tweeting and sending to Facebook photos of themselves eating at restaurants. Billboards drive customers to a website and a map that shows where to go find the more than 200 barbecue restaurants listed. You can go to Pass the hot sauce please.

The South shall rise again?
A neo-Confederate group put up a billboard in the Montgomery, Ala., area recently with the word “SECEDE” in large type. After some complaints, the billboard was taken down by the billboard company. Hey, if Alabama wants to secede, let it. Just think of the amount of money that could be saved. We would not have to provide salaries for senators and congressmen, no grants, no emergency disaster aid — we’re talking major deficit reduction here.

Hate Brothers Club
Donald Sterling’s racial rant has caused him his
basketball franchise. The latest person to join the club is Robert Copeland, a police commissioner in Wolfeboro, N.H., who admitted to calling President Obama the N-word. Copeland was in a restaurant when he said it. He was pressured to step down. Moral to this story? If you’re a bigot, keep it to yourself. It can be very costly.