Election Tea Party


I enjoyed watching the returns as always on election night, It’s a tradition that I always have snacks, For the big elections I usually get a deli tray, for this event I got some Bojangles Chicken with the fluffy biscuits this was good.  Tuesday’s results sent a message to the GOP. Enough of this Tea Party stuff that has so far done nothing  positive to help deal with the problems facing this country, instead it has create more problems, like the Government Shutdown.

Chris Christie’s win in New Jersey was more manufactured to make him look good for 2016. His Democratic opposition was a sacrifice; she did not receive much help from her party or the White House.  Barbara Buono did bring up some serious issues like the state of New Jersey’s economy especially job creation but the media is so wrapped up in the hype to make Christie this super politician and the future of the GOP nobody cared to listen. We’ll see how far he gets when his record in New Jersey is looked at a bit more closely. Terry McAuliffe’s win in Virginia show’s that the current GOP structure in the state is not working; when you let the Tea Party types take over this is what you get. I found it a bit funny, in his concession speech election night, Ken Cuccinelli mentioned that the voters sent president Obama a message about Obamacare, yes, maybe they did but the voters sent him a message also, you lost.