PD Cuts

From 1991-95, I worked in the art department at the Plain Dealer in Cleveland Ohio. The paper was Ohio largest, at that time, the daily circulation was over 400,000 and Sunday over 500,000, it was the biggest paper I have ever worked for in my entire career. I was hired along with may others in an expansion at the paper that brought in talent from all over the country, we were hired to help support the zoned editions the paper was starting to compete with the papers in the suburbs.

The Plain Dealer had one of the most diverse staffs I have ever seen, it was an interesting time to work there. Tom Greer was the editor; I felt the paper had a stable atmosphere during his tenure. After he left that spot a year later, I felt a change that made me feel uneasy, that is where I think the decline of the Plain Dealer began. It finally hit rock bottom yesterday with 48 job cuts in the newsroom, the paper is also cutting back on home delivery, as it tries to embrace a digital future.

I know some of the people who lost their jobs.
It was a great opportunity to work there when it was still a good newspaper.