Tossed aside

Thanks to the GOP dominated Legislature and Governor. North Carolina will no longer receive extended unemployment benefits. This immediately affects at least 70,000 as of Sunday. Not only that but overall jobless benefits have been cut. This action makes the North Carolina the first state to refuse federal extended jobless benefits. The last time I checked North Carolina’s economy was not booming and its poverty rate is nothing to be proud of.
 This heartless move takes away purchasing power that could help the state dig out of the economic downturn and help keep families from falling over a cliff. I have yet to see any legislation to help people come out of that legislature. I bet you many of  those unemployed are republicans, how do they feel now with no safety net? To be honest both parties have failed  the American people look at how the U.S. Senate worked hard and quick to get an Immigration bill passed. Where is a jobs recovery plan for the American people? Who is speaking up for them? Yes, elections do have consequences especially in North Carolina.