RFKThere is always a song, one that sticks in our minds and
Each time you hear that particular song takes you back to a particular moment in time. 45 Years ago, today I heard a song that would remind me of a dark day in U.S. History. I was at home in bed that morning. When the news came over the radio that Robert  F. Kennedy had died that morning from bullet wounds he suffered after winning the California primary. Right after the bulletin the song, “Stoned Soul Picnic” By The 5th Dimension started to play. If you are familiar with that song, you know it starts with an instrumental riff. I was 14 years old on June 6 1968 and I will never forget that day.  I do recall that it was a bad year; we lost Martin Luther King to an assassin’s bullet in April, The war in Vietnam was a mess, racial tensions were high and the Democratic Convention in Chicago was a disaster.
People had a lot of hope in RFK, his presidential campaign offered hope to black, white and brown , rich and poor RFK was able to pull together a diverse coalition that show showed the diversity of America.  When he died so did that coalition. What were the results of 1968? Richard Nixon was elected president in a close race. So every time I hear “Stoned Soul Picnic” my mind briefly goes back to that June morning in 1968 when I heard that bad news that changed the course of history.