Right Turn I have been accused of going after Republicans a lot lately, you bet I have.  I feel it’s  justified, especially with what has been going on in state legislatures across the country.
In particular those in the south. A good example is North Carolina. The GOP has gone ballistic with control of both houses and now the governor’s Mansion. The state has problems with its economy and a high poverty rate.
Instead of trying to tackle these problems constructively, there seems to be an all out war on the poor and  the unemployed. Blocking Obamacare, putting restrictions on access to welfare benefits and cutting
unemployment benefits not only that but efforts to restrict voter access to the polls. Hey, where is the passion to help people?  A good story about the Republican efforts to push the state to the far right
Appeared in Sunday’s Washington Post. Of course, there are efforts to help the business community, tax cuts,f the usual stuff the GOP loves to push.
This war on those who need help delays any kind of recovery, when you eliminate the tools to help people get back up and going. What it does is push people’s faces further into the ground, this is no solution.  We are better than that, right?