Springtime sketch

When springtime comes around each year, my thoughts go back to this time of the year back in the 1960s when I was a student at Sidney School.

My teacher, Miss Hall, would take our class on numerous field trips around Richmond. She would gather the class, about eight or nine of us, and get in her car, and off we would go. Miss Hall would always bring along art supplies, pencils, paper and crayons so her students could draw if they wanted to. (My classmate Junius Williams always took advantage of this opportunity.)

We would go to the parks and historic sites. Richmond is beautiful in the springtime. The greens, the pink and white Dogwood trees are in full bloom. I personally enjoyed trips to Dogwood Dell (Obama had a big campaign rally there in 2012), sitting under the trees, drawing, It was really fun. Miss Hall also made sure we had those art supplies available for our school trips out of town — like to Luray Caverns, Storybook Land and Washington, D.C. She wanted us to draw about what we saw and experienced.

Unfortunately, none of my artwork from those days survived. I recall some of the drawings, but not many. What has survived, however, is the memory of my teacher Miss Hall, her influence on me and the beauty of springtime.