I suppose in his world and his way of thinking, this is correct. However, on planet earth it’s just not true. Here is a guy, who has the gall to talk about people not paying taxes yet he refuses to release his own tax returns (except for a year or two). This line about people not paying taxes is a joke coming from someone like him who has used every loophole he could find to avoid paying taxes. Romney also insulted some of his own supporters, especially in the GOP south where a majority of the non-tax payers live. After the trauma of the economic melt-down in 2008. The lost jobs and homes and the effects of what happened to people seem to be a distant memory, as far as the GOP is concerned. Americans struggling to try to keep their heads above water are now called deadbeats. Where was personal responsibility when George W. Bush and the GOP blew the Clinton surplus on tax cuts for the rich? They also started two unfunded wars. Now everything is Obama’s fault and the 47% of non-taxpayers. Maybe the deadbeat Americans should say to Romney and his GOP pals, where was your personal responsibility when the country really needed it?