How long will Mitt Romney have the confidence of the down ticket Republican candidates? From all indications with the direction of his campaign, you could say not for long. This brings to mind the 1988 presidential campaign; I was working as graphics editor for The Gadsden Times in Alabama. I was walking past the Democratic Party headquarters that was located in downtown Gadsden, in the window Dukakis and Bentsen for president signs, along with all the local candidates. About a week later with the Dukakis campaign falling behind big-time, during another walk downtown, I passed The Democratic Party headquarters again. This time I noticed all of the local candidate’s signs were missing. The local Dems must have sneaked in one night and removed all of the local candidate’s signs, it is understandable they did not want to be associated with a losing presidential candidate; they were more interested in saving their own hides. This brings me to this point, when will the elephants start to remove their signs, grab their life jackets and head for the exits?